The BioChef Story

The brand born from the 'Original Juicer Company', Vitality 4 Life.

Vitality 4 Life was founded over 20+ years ago, based on our belief in the incredible healing power of living food, living juice, pure water, fresh air and sunshine. Today Vitality 4 Life distributes and exports our range of healthy living products across the globe from Australia and New Zealand to the UK across Europe and to Canada and the US.

BioChef Arizona Food DehydratorVitality 4 Life houses some of the very best healthy home products from leading global brands and our selection criteria has always remained the same over the years; the product must offer the customer superior value and quality, must deliver genuine health benefits and must be made in a way that recognises the scarcity of the planet's resources.

BioChef is Vitality 4 Life's very own range of healthy kitchen products, developed and designed based on these same core values. BioChef is the entity of what we believe in as a company at Vitality 4 Life, it is who we are. The BioChef brand is very exciting for Vitality 4 Life, in that after so many years in the industry, working with our customers and sourcing products, we now have a product range that we regard as the finest in the world.

  • - Products that offer superior value in terms of quality and longevity
  • - Products that genuinely make our customers feel better from the inside, out
  • - Through long warranties and superior workmanship, minimise our impact on the planet

A Healthy Choice

The BioChef range is comprised mainly of slow juicers, high performance blenders and food dehydrators - products that constitute what we call a "living food kitchen". Products that are primarily designed to make healthy eating uncomplicated and exciting, just as it should be. BioChef is about sharing the power of raw foods and living juices with people all across the world.

Best of Class

Vitality 4 Life is at the forefront of product innovation, most particularly with our range of cold press juicers which we have seen over the years expand from a niche industry into the mainstream. Our product development focuses on 'long life' quality; fully serviceable products that are manufactured via 'today' manufacturing choices, allowing us to ultimately provide value to our customers.

Product Expertise

After so many years in the industry, our experience and knowledge of our customers enables us to design products which are what we call "user-centric", products which are designed primarily for the user in mind. BioChef products feature a simplistic design with quality workmanship that delivers exceptional results.

Vitality 4 Life Approved Product LogoOur expertise and product knowledge comes from our 20+ years experience and it is this knowledge of the industry and our customers that sets us apart. We have always endeavored to help our customers choose the right product for them and their needs and we invest in ensuring our customers can select the perfect product for them, so they are satisfied with their purchase for many years to come.

Long Warranties

All of the BioChef products come with long warranties, some even lifetime, this is our testament to the quality of the BioChef products. We stand by these products and believe they should serve you well for many years to come.

Long-lasting products and long warranties are our commitment to the environment through:

  • - Reduced wastage and impact on global landfill
  • - Reducing our carbon footprint through minimised transportation and manufacturing wastage
  • - Products and parts are easily repairable and serviceable, reducing the need to replace entirely


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