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BioChef Ceramic Knives

These professionally crafted ceramic knives make the cutting of fruit, vegetables and boneless meats clean, quick and easy and most of all healthy

  • The Deluxe Twin Set comes packaged in its own presentation box
  • The Ceramic Chef's Knife has a 12.7cm blade
  • The Ceramic Paring Knife has a 7.6cm blade

The blades are made from Zirconium Oxide, which means no oxidation occurs and maximum nutrients and living enzymes are reserved.  The knives have been designed to stay sharper longer, and research suggests they stay sharper for up to 10 times longer than steel.

The Ceramic Knives have been developed to weigh around half the weight of a steel knife, and the handle has been ergonomically designed for easy use with repetitive food preparation.

Care of Your Ceramic Knife

  • Avoid dropping on hard surfaces or floors as blade may chip.
  • Do not use on frozen or hard foods.
  • Use wooden or plastic chopping boards, not marble, ceramic or metal surfaces.
  • For sharpening, take your knife to qualified knife sharpener who has a powered diamond sharpening wheel.


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