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1 White Cabbage, in 5cm pieces

3 Carrots in quarters

20 g Himalayan Salt

20 g Turmeric


Place turmeric and ginger in bowl.

10 secs  |  Programme 7

Add carrot to bowl

30 secs  |  Programme 5.

Pour into large bowl and set aside. Add broken apart pieces of cabbage to 2nd fill line with ¼ of the allocated salt.

30 secs  |  Programme 4.

Remove and add to bowl with carrot then repeat with next batch of cabbage until all done.

Sterilize glass jars in the steam tray by placing jars upside down on top of basket in 120C for 5 min.

Knead cabbage and carrot mix with hands until juices start to release.

Put cabbage and juice into jar, making sure it is pressed very tightly so that the juice covers the cabbage so that the cabbage isn’t exposed to air. Make sure there is a 5cm gap to the rim of the jar to allow for expansion of gases during fermentation.

Cut a round piece of cabbage and press on top. Seal with lid. Leave at room temperature for 5 days then refrigerate. Use as condiment, keeps for 3 months in fridge.

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