Cream of Asparagus Soup

Cream of Asparagus Soup

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This healthy soup tastes wonderful and also has significant benefits, from digestive system support from a particular nutrient called Inulin. Inulin is a unique type of carbohydrate called a polyfructan, and in practical terms, healthcare practitioners often refer to it as a "prebiotic."


Approx time: 15 min
Serves: 4-6

50 g Oil

60 g Leek

400 g Green Asparagus

100 g Cream Cheese or alternative

400 g Water / Veg or Chicken Stock



Heat up oil
1 min  |  120°  |  Programme Saute

Braise leek
3 min  |  120°  |  Programme Saute

Cut asparagus, put the tips to one side and place the staks in the jug
5 min  |  120°  |  Programme Saute

Add cream cheese (use vegan cream cheese or cottage cheese as an alternative), water or stock, salt to the jug, Place the asparagus tips in the steam tray.
6 min  |  120°  |  Programme 1

Remove the asapargus tips and tray. Fit the basket-strainer upside down to the lid and press Turbo until you get the desired blended texture.

Serve with the steamed asparagus tips and prawns if desired.

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