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BioChef Vacuum Sealer Compact

Our Price: $99/-

Price: $130/-

In stock

  • Lightweight, compact design perfect for bench top use

  • Simple and easy to use touch controls

  • Features two sealing functions: seal and vacuum seal

  • Comes with external hose accessory for sealing canisters

  • Keep food fresher for longer

  • Marinate your favourite foods in minutes

  • Save refrigerator and freezer space

  • Seal and protect your important documents and valuables

  • 2 year warranty

BioChef Vacuum Sealer Compact

Easily preserve the flavour and freshness of your food

  • The BioChef Vacuum Sealer Compact is designed primarily for every day home use. Vacuum sealing conveniently preserves and protects your food, in addition to saving you money and space!
    The BioChef Vacuum Sealer Compact provides a quick and easy way to remove air and moisture from fresh produce, keeping food healthy for longer.


Simple one touch operation

Featuring two sealing functions and easy to use hose accessory

  • Meats
  • The BioChef Vacuum Sealer Compact features simple touch controls, easy locking mechanism and automated vacuum packaging system.
    Simply insert the bag and close the cover to lock, then choose to seal only or vacuum and seal. Once the sealing process is complete the LED light will disappear, then you can release and remove the bag.
    The BioChef Vacuum Sealer Compact comes with an external hose which is perfect for vacuum sealing canisters or jars. The hose connects to the inside of the vacuum sealer, and draws air out from the canister creating a tight seal. This function is perfect for prolonging the freshness of delicate foods and liquids such as salads or soups.


Ideal for home vacuum sealing

Space Saving Design

  • Fennel
  • The BioChef Vacuum Sealer Compact has been designed primarily for home use. Using vacuum sealed bags and containers in place of plastic wrap and standard containers will extend your food freshness up to 5 times longer!
    The compact and lightweight design conserves bench space and requires little storage space, while vacuum sealed bags will save you space in both the refrigerator and freezer!


A variety of uses for your vacuum sealer

Not just for fresh and frozen foods!

  • - Bulk buy fresh produce and freeze with no risk of freezer burn
    - Make meals in advance without having to worry about freshness
    - Extend the shelf life of dry goods like herbs and spices or even flour and sugar
    - Perfect marinade in minutes for last minute meals
    - Protect important items such computer hard drives from dust or mould
    - Seal your toiletries before travelling to prevent spillage
    - Protect your photos and passport from water damage


Accessories included:

  • - Includes 5 x Washable & Re-usable Vacuum Bags 20*30cm (inside measurements 18*28.5 cm)
    - 1 x Vacuum Roll 20*200cm to cut to size (inside measurements 18*200 cm)
    - Accessory hose – use to vacuum seal containers


Additional Information

Model NumberCPVS
Colors AvailableWhite
Included Accessories5 x Pre-Cut Vacuum Bags (20cm x 30cm outside, 18 cm x 28.5 cm inside), 1 x Vacuum Bag Roll (20cm x 200cm outside, 18cm x 200cm inside), 1 x Hose
Domestic Warranty2 Years
Product Weight1.23 kg
Shipping Weight1.56 kg
Product DimensionsL 36cm x W 15cm x H 7.6cm
Shipping DimensionsL 41cm x W 20cm x H 12cm
MaterialsABS Plastic and BPA Free PE Vacuum Bags
Extra Features0.8 Bar Max Vacuum Strength
Sealing Width - up to 30cm
Hose for Canister/Jar Option
Compatible FoodsFruits, Vegetables, Meats, Herbs, Pre-Cooked Meals, Sauces
Optional ExtrasPre-Cut Vacuum Bags, Vacuum Bag Rolls
FunctionsVac / Seal

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