BioChef Savana 6/9/12 Tray Non Stick Sheet - Packs



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BioChef Savana 6/9/12 Tray Non Stick Sheet - Packs


In stock

  • Non-Stick Dehydrating Sheets

  • Make Fruit Leathers, Bread Alternatives & More

  • Reusable & Washable

  • BPA Free

  • Suitable for the BioChef Savana 6,9 and 12 Tray Food Dehydrators, PLUS many more dehydrators on the market - simply cut to size!

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BioChef Savana 6/9/12 Tray Non Stick Sheet

Make a whole new range of healthy snacks and raw food treats

  • Non-stick sheets are perfect for drying any wet/moist ingredients or liquid mixtures such as fruit purees for fruit leather or blended seed and sprout mixtures for raw bread alternatives.
    Foods simply peel off after drying and clean up is simple, only requiring a quick rinse under water or a wipe down with a damp cloth.
    Sheets are BPA free so you don’t have to worry about any nasties coming into contact with your food, and they’re reusable so you can continue to use them time and time again.


Interchangeable - Trim to Fit

Use with Alternate Food Dehydrator Models

  • These non stick sheets are fully interchangeable and can be used with other food dehydrators found on the market today. Simply cut the sheets to size using a Stanley knife or good pair of kitchen scissors.
    The Savana 6/9/12 Tray Food Dehydrator Non-Stick sheets measure 32.5 cm wide and 37 cm long. For full product specifications including weight of these sheets, please visit the product specifications section by clicking on the tab, above.


Save More with our Value Packs

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Additional Information

Model NumberBCSANNS
Product Weight2 pack: 0.08 kg / 4 pack: 0.15 kg / 6 pack: 0.22 kg / 8 pack: 0.30 kg / 10 pack: 0.37 kg
Shipping Weight2 pack: 0.13 kg / 4 pack: 0.21 kg / 6 pack: 0.28 kg / 8 pack: 0.36 kg / 10 pack: 0.43 kg
Product DimensionsL 37cm x W 32.5cm
Shipping DimensionsL 47cm x W 38cm x H 0.5cm
MaterialsBPA Free Teflon & Fibreglass

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