BioChef MyCook Multi Function Cooker



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BioChef MyCook Multi Function Cooker

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  • All-in-one kitchen appliance – combining over 10 different machines in one

  • Unique induction technology for faster, responsive and energy efficient cooking

  • Patented fully integrated on-board scales for precision measurement

  • LED display, timer & speed settings with automatic programming & manual control

  • Designed, manufactured & individually tested in Spain

  • 3 year full warranty, 1 year commercial warranty, 30 day money back guarantee

The BioChef Mycook All in one Kitchen Appliance is the latest addition to the premium range of Living Food Kitchen appliances. In this video, you will see how easy it is to make a perfect meringue every time with the easy to use mixing paddle which slides effortlessly on to the stainless steel blades.

The BioChef Mycook All in one Kitchen Appliance works on Induction Heating instead of thermal heating and will quickly reach temperatures high enough to sauté. In this video you will see how quick and easy it is to make a flavoursome sautéed vegetable base. Leek is a firm favourite to give that special flavour. The BioChef Mycook is an induction cooker which provides immediate heat which is similar to the responsiveness of gas cooking.

The BioChef Mycook truly is an all in one kitchen appliance and performs more than 15 different tasks that would normally done with single purpose machines. In this video, our BioChef Heather shows how to steam vegetables and salmon with lemon and herbs. The BioChef Mycook comes with a stainless steel steaming basket and steam tray which sits securely on the top of the jug and allows for steaming on three levels.

The BioChef Mycook all in one Kitchen Appliance makes rich chicken, meat, fish, vegetable, seafood, fish stocks and soups. In this video you will see an easy vegetable stock being prepared. Never buy expensive store bought stock again while at the same time converting any food scraps to tasty meal bases for later use. Preparing stocks is just one of the dedicated tasks this remarkable kitchen appliance will do, replacing a dozen single purpose kitchen tools in one machine.

The BioChef Mycook All in one Kitchen Appliance is strong enough to crush ice in seconds for a refreshing slushie. In this video our international BioChef Heather creates a coffee slushie but you can make a slushy with almost any type of fruit.

We would love to see your creation, so please become one of our community BioChef’s and upload your own recipe.

The BioChef Mycook all in one kitchen appliance will automatically slowly stir while cooking pasta to prevent it from sticking together, simply pour in cold or hot water and then add the pasta.

The BioChef Mycook all in one kitchen appliance easily whisks due to the mixing paddle which inserts over the blade system to increase the surface space. Some of the recipes you could make with the BioChef Mycook using the whisk function is pancake batter, yoghurt cake, strawberry pudding, raspberry mouse, lemon tart, French meringue, coffee or chocolate mousse and crepes.

A stand out feature of the BioChef Mycook is the two motors - one for controlling the heat and one for the operation of the blades. This means it precisely controls the speed for the various functions including whisking.

The BioChef Mycook All in one Kitchen Appliance uses the highly responsive technology of induction cooking which means it can do a perfect braise. In this video you see a rich and flavoursome tomato based sauce being made, but you can do it with a nice cut of meat for a succulent tender result.

Braising comes from the French word ‘braiser’ and is a combination method of cooking that uses both dry and moist heat. Food is first seared at a high temperature, then using a lower temperature it is finished, normally in a liquid to enhances flavour.

Braising in the BioChef Mycook is just one of many kitchen tasks that are performed in this one amazing machine. It can sauté, mince, grind, chop, whip, emulsify, steam cook on three levels and much more. The induction cooking technology provides immediate heat which is similar to the responsiveness of gas cooking.

The BioChef Mycook all in one kitchen machine is so powerful that most ingredients will be pulverised in around just 15 seconds. In this video, our BioChef Heather shows how to make a fine chocolate powder and finely ground oats from oatmeal.

The pulverise or grinding function works on the speed settings between 7 and 10. For softer ingredients a time of around 15 seconds should be enough and for harder ingredients use the Turbo button 4-5 times and move swiftly to maximum speed.

The pulverising or grinding function is just one of the many specialised tasks that can be done with this remarkable kitchen machine.

The BioChef Mycook all in one kitchen appliance does a quick shred in seconds. The unique shape of the jug base and the tight fitting stainless steel blades, combined with the powerful motor controlling the blades means the BioChef Mycook makes easy work of all types of shredding. This will be helpful for making Kimchi and Sauerkraut which are very popular health dishes at the moment, as well as for more traditional dishes that require shredded or grated vegetables such as coleslaw.

BioChef Mycook Multi Function Cooker

The BioChef Mycook is a revolutionary all-in-one healthy kitchen appliance using advanced induction cooking technology, and featuring fully integrated on-board scales, LED display and a two litre jug. The Mycook will transform your cooking time and routine by replacing more than 10 single purpose appliances.

With Mycook, you can prepare your daily meals quickly and easily like a gourmet chef.

All-In-One Induction Cooker and Food Processor

You will quickly realise how versatile BioChef Mycook is when you see it performing all the different functions - sautéing or frying, steaming, grinding, mincing, shredding, emulsifying, whipping, gentle mixing, beating, kneading, turbo and blending.

Fast and energy efficient induction cooking reduces cooking time and evenly heats ingredients.

Hundreds of recipes are included in the comprehensive recipe book so you will never be left without meal ideas. Our professional BioChefs and community of home BioChef enthusiast have been busy testing and creating even more healthy recipes to help you save time, money and create a lovely array of dishes and drinks.

Unique Patented Induction Cooking Technology

This is the only all-in-one cooking appliance to embrace this advanced technology.

The BioChef Mycook employs induction technology in the jug base and lower surrounding walls that are secured inside the main unit during operation. Unlike thermal cookers, induction heating and cooling is immediate, consistent, comparable to gas cooking in its responsiveness but is more energy efficient.

One motor is used to control the heat while another motor controls the speed of the blades for greater precision.

Patented fully integrated on board scales

This feature is a stand out for Mycook. Electronic scales sit in the main body and are engaged when the jug is secured on top. The scales precisely measure each ingredient as you add it directly through the jug lid and resets back to zero ready for the next element. You won’t ever waste ingredients again and the recipes will be how you like it each time.

Stainless Steel Blades

The intelligently designed blades, together with the shape of the jug means you don’t need to change them like other similar appliances. Engineered to sit close to the jug base and are also reversible, you can make perfect risottos, delicate mayonnaises and emulsify to perfection.

The blades are easily detachable for cleaning and this mechanism has been patented.

Stainless Steel Jar - 2 litre

The triple walled stainless steel jar has an ergonomic handle and a sturdy lid which activates the built in sensors once in place. Ingredients are directly poured into the jar which sits above the onboard scales. Steaming trays are also attached securely to the jug to transform it into a large, three level healthy cooker with no loss of flavour.

Clear and intuitive LED display and Control Panel

Angled and clear, the control panel is simple to use. Weight, time and function is displayed here. You can also choose the desired temperature from 40º to 120º. Preset functions (with different combinations of heat and speed) are selected here, as well as dedicated programmes for sautéing, turbo and kneading.

Steaming Trays

The steaming trays are securely locked onto the jar, providing three levels of simultaneous healthy steam cooking of separate ingredients which can then be served as a delicious meal.

Dishwasher Safe

All detachable parts of BioChef Mycook are dishwasher safe, except for the blades which contain ball bearings. For many recipes, a few drops of dishwashing liquid added to water on turbo function will clean the jug.

Additional Information

Model NumberBCMC
Colors AvailableGrey
Included AccessoriesBasket Strainer, Mixing Paddle, Spatula, Steam Tray and Recipe Book
Warranty3 Years
Product Weight5 kg
Shipping Weight7 kg
Product DimensionsL 30cm x H 42cm x D 26cm
Shipping DimensionsH 43.3cm x W 37.7cm x D 56.7cm
Wattage600w blade motor 1000w heating motor
Extra FeaturesMax Capacity Jug: 2L Max Weight per Weighing: 2kg Mas accumulated weight 5kg Temperature range 40° - 120°

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