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When we started out 25 years ago, the idea of 'living juice' was quite new to the mainstream consumer. We spent a lot of time physically demonstrating the products, mainly our cold press juicers. What we discovered was the reaction people had when they saw first-hand how easily and gently the juice was extracted. They could feel the dryness of the expelled pulp and taste the fullness of the juice. This is what makes reselling BioChef products so enjoyable.

We have staff dedicated in assisting resellers no matter how big or small. We offer in-store demonstrations to all our shop based resellers with representatives in Northern New South Wales, South East Queensland and Sydney. These demonstrators spend six hours in the store using a selection of products together with one hour of product knowledge training with staff.

If you have an existing website which sells complementary products, are an allied health practitioner, or are physical retailers with products that align with the BioChef range and are looking to enhance your catalogue, please contact us to discuss an arrangement which is suitable for you.


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