BioChef Approved Product

The BioChef Approved Product Range is regarded among the finest Health Products in the world. While specializing in Cold Press Juicers, our Approved Product Range encompasses a wider range of Healthy Lifestyle products, including Blenders, Super Blenders, Food Dehydrators and Ceramic Knives.

Our parent company Vitality 4 Life's vast product range goes that step further to include Water Filtration Systems, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, Vibration Platforms and Garden Composters and much more.

The Vitality 4 Life Product Logo is your guarantee that the BioChef product has passed our strict product selection criteria before becoming available to you. The product must offer the customer superior value and quality, deliver genuine health benefits and be made in a way that recognizes the scarcity of our planet’s resources.

Roger Akins founded Vitality 4 Life over 20 years ago, by sourcing products from around the globe which support the company’s principles of Living Juice, Living Food, Fresh Water, Pure Air and Sunshine. We aim to provide products that compliment and create a Healthy Living Lifestyle. Our goal is supply our customers with a product range that compliments their day-to-day life and assists them on a Healthy Living Journey.

From this desire to supply customers with these products, aligned with customer feedback throughout these 20 years - BioChef was born.

BioChef Products are currently being exported throughout Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Asia, Europe and NZ. Customers internationally are benefiting from our products and the knowledge we have to offer.

We strive to offer practical post purchase support, which is essential for you to obtain the maximum benefit from your BioChef Approved Product, whether it is a week from purchase or 10 years later – We are here to help!

Become part of the BioChef Community today and begin to enjoy the benefits of a healthier way of life.


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